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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Growing Your SFI Downline

Growing Your SFI Downline

Desiree Richardson

I am going to explain easiest way I know for
you to get a downline started. If you join the
EyeEarn co-op for a $20 once only fee SFI
will give you one share.

If this is all you ever do SFI will give you several
orphan affiliates every month just because you
are in the co-op. I know that isn't many but some
of you may not have any!

Additional shares can also be earned for retail sales
and personal purchases based on Sales Volumes Points (SVP).
For each 10 SVP earned above your EA-qualifying 10 SVP,
you'll automatically receive one additional free share!

You can increase your EyeEarn earnings further by qualifying
for additional shares in the following ways:
1. Executive Affiliates (EA) automatically receive one additional free share (2 shares total).
2. Executive Affiliates with a minimum 10 SVP Standing Order automatically receive one additional free share (3 shares total).
3. Bronze Team Leaders* (BTL) automatically receive 2 add'l free shares (5 shares total).
4. Silver Team Leaders* (STL) automatically receive 4 add'l free shares (7 shares total).
5. Gold Team Leaders* (GTL) automatically receive 6 add'l free shares (9 shares total).
6. Platinum Team Leaders* (PTL) automatically receive 12 add'l free shares (15 shares total).
* must have a minimum 10 SVP Standing Order.

After reading and letting it sink in for a while I ordered a box
of goodies from SFI worth 120SVP. I might have reconsidered
because of the shipping cost to Australia adds on to the cost
so much but not this time.

Thousands of new affiliates sign up for the SFI opportunity
every month at the site and don't have a sponsor.
These 'orphan' affiliates are given to EyeEarn co-op members at the
rate of 'several' per share.

The longer you are in the co-op they give you more shares so
you get more 'orphan' affiliates given to you each and every month.
When you make a purchase over your required minimum of 10SVP
they will give you an extra share for every 10SVP!!!!

My purchase of 120SVP worth of product will give me an extra
12 shares. If you purchase 100 extra SVP monthly then an
extra 10 shares in the co-op monthly will explode your business!

It isn't difficult to spend just 50 SVP on SFI products for personal
use so just think of how being in the co-op will benefit you. You
already have shares now if you are in the co-op and will receive
several affiliates as a result but imagine in just 3 months time
you will have an extra 30 shares from your purchases.
30 shares times by several affiliates per share EACH MONTH!

So assuming you make this purchase every month, then after the
first month you will receive conservatively between 10 and 20 affiliates.
After the second month that figure will increase to between 20 and 40,
the third month 30 to 60, the 4th month 40 to 80 and so on.
This goes on every single month. Now are you getting excited?
Need I say more?

This is a fantastic opportunity and I urge you to email your downline
this message until they take notice. I must admit it took me a little
while to get the bigger picture with the potential here. If you still don't
get it call me on Skype for free or send me an email. I won't let up until
you all understand. I owe it to you to do that much.

I wish I knew how easy this was when I first started.

Take action now,

To find the best home based business ideas and
opportunities so you can work at home visit:



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